10 Ways To Reuse Junk Mail From Pro-Quo

If you haven’t taken our advice to get rid of junk mail, or you have, but still have some coming in and find yourself in a crafty mood, ProQuo has sent us a list of 10 ways to reuse junk mail. us postal service hold mail

They write, “Junk mail is renowned for cluttering mailboxes, increasing the risk of identity theft, and, of course, killing millions of trees every year. Not surprisingly, it elicits annoyance from most people. But, believe it or not, it also elicits creativity from others.” change of address post office

While a part of me loves suggestion #7 best – sending back junk or even bricks using the junk mail company’s pre-paid postage slip, an act that would help milk their coffers of precious funds and ideally lead them to rethink their junk mailings – another part of me thinks I can’t recommend that due to the negative environmental impact adding weight to the postal system would have. I’ll have to debate with myself which would be a net positive, but in the meantime I’d have to say of their ten, that suggestion #6 – making new paper – is my favorite.

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