Two-Way Postage Save Paper

Are you a business (or person) that frequently mails envelopes inside of envelopes in order to get a customer to ship something back or for reply mail? Seems kind of like a waste of envelopes, eh? Well now EcoEnvelopes has come up with a solution – a USPS approved “eco-indicia” stamp that is bi-directional. Considering that over a billion reply envelopes are sent in credit card, bank statements, utility bills and other reminders, reusing the same envelope saves more than just paper.The concept was originally designed in 2005 but it has taken several years working with the postal service to come up with a system that does not slow down the postal process and is convenient for customers. The envelopes come with an “eco-indicia” which is basically a stamp that looks like two stamps stuck one above the other on the envelope in a long row. Customers with bulk rate permits can use the new envelope, with an “Intelligent Mail Barcode.” usps tracking down

Now lets just hope that the return mailers are put to good use and not just wasted on increasing the amount of junk mail. The envelopes can be purchased online with EcoEnvelopes or with one of their retail partners. usps certified mail

EcoEnvelopes offers a variety of sustainable paper products for all of your postal needs. Envelopes come from managed forests and use up to 100% post-consumer recycled paper. The USPS recently earned a Cradle to Cradle certification for the environmentally friendly design and manufacture of their boxes and envelopes. In addition, the USPS is working to green up its act by encouraging customers to use pre-printed boxes with flat rates (i.e. fill the box with as much stuff for one price) and throwing the box in the mail instead of making multiple trips to the post office.

what is registered mail

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